Mountains in Clouds


Taal (rhythm) is ubiquitous, it’s everywhere and in everything – from a beating heart, crashing waves, swaying leaves, in the flight of a butterfly to our every breath. A passion to explore, understand and harmonize with this Taal that’s in and all around us sums up Indu’s Odissi journey.
Indu’s romance with dance commenced at the age of six with Smt Sanjukta Das and Smt SandhiyaDipa Kar. She enrolled with the Orissa Dance Academy, a premier Odissi dance institute in Odisha. Guided by Shri Ramesh Chandra Jena and Guru Gangadhar Pradhan and mentored by Guru Smt Aruna Mohanty and Smt Madhusmita Mohanty, she further honed the technical and lyrical aspects of Odissi. A commerce graduate, she holds a bachelor’s degree in Odissi dance and is a certified Yoga instructor.
Indu has performed at the Mamallapuram Dance Festival, Pallavothsava, Mysore, GKRCC International Odissi Festival and Guru Pankaj Utsav in India and the Youth Exchange Programme in Bangladesh. In Singapore, she has performed at Kalavaibhavam, Dance India Taste India, TFA Mela, Shantanjali Festival of Arts, Bhaskareeyam, the Da:ns Festival by Esplanade, People Get Connected by Bhaskar’s Arts Academy and the Udayraaga virtual dance festival. The last few years have seen her conduct numerous workshops and lecture demonstrations in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur to showcase the grace and beauty of Odissi.
Taal School of Odissi was conceptualised and founded in 2012, an institute that boasts of a pedagogy allowing meticulous training with sparks of spontaneity.